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Geoffrey was born with damaged left facial nerves. He has lived his life without the ability to smile, frown, blink or make any facial expression on that side.

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Facial Paralysis Treatment

For more than 60 years, the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group has been at the forefront of facial reanimation research and surgery for the treatment of facial paralysis. Dr. Leonard Rubin, a founding member of LIPSG, began treating patients with facial paralysis in 1948, and his standard of excellence has been continued and built upon ever since.

Facial paralysis can affect both children and adults and can result in debilitating functional and aesthetic effects. Often caused by conditions such as benign tumors, stroke, Bell’s Palsy, head trauma, infection, Lyme disease, or other afflictions, facial paralysis typically creates an imbalance on one side of the face, leading to a significant change in function and appearance. Our Facial Reanimation Center at the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group is composed of a team of medical experts who are committed to helping you recover from facial paralysis. Led by Roger Simpson, MD, FACS, our center utilizes the latest advances in reconstructive surgery to restore function and rebalance facial features in those affected by partial or full facial paralysis. With proven facial reanimation techniques offered by some of the most skilled and experienced doctors in the region, LIPSG can help you restore function to your facial features, and improve your quality of life.

The Long Island Plastic Surgical Group is one of the largest plastic and reconstructive surgery practices in the continental United States. LIPSG is home to a team of expert plastic surgeons with sub-specialty training in all aspects of plastic surgery procedures, giving patients a variety of options for reconstructive and cosmetic surgical treatment. Our practice has been a leading voice in facial reanimation surgery for 60 years, and we are dedicated to helping our patients achieve successful results that exceed their expectations.

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Who is a Candidate for Facial Reanimation Surgery?

Candidates for facial reanimation surgery are patients who suffer from paralysis of facial areas and can benefit from surgical reanimation procedures as opposed to physical therapy alone. Patients who are considering facial reanimation surgery to restore the functionality of their smile, eyelids and brows, and other facial features will meet with one of our doctors for an initial consultation to determine their candidacy. Individuals who do not live in the Long Island and Manhattan vicinity can contact our practice to set up a virtual review on-line or over the phone.

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What Techniques are used in Facial Reanimation Surgery?

Muscle Transfer

This facial reanimation technique involves the rerouting of portions of muscles adjacent to the damaged area, recreating the direction and strength of the paralyzed muscles. This technique has shown remarkable effectiveness and success with early onset of motion.
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Neural Techniques

Neural reanimation techniques allow our doctors to directly suture and repair damaged nerves that may be causing facial paralysis. This method is often helpful for patients who have suffered traumatic injury.
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Nerve-Grafting Techniques

Nerve-grafting involves the transfer of nerves from donor sites to paralyzed areas of the face. This method is typically useful when direct repair of the existing nerves is not possible. Facial reanimation may also be accomplished by combining microsurgical transfer of nerves and muscles.
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