Contact the LIPSG Facial Reanimation and Peripheral Nerve Repair Center

The loss of form and function in facial features can have a debilitating effect on your way of life, as well as your self-esteem. The Long Island Plastic Surgical Group’s Facial Reanimation Center is a Center of Excellence within our practice specifically devoted to helping patients restore their smiles, rebuild their facial features, and renew your ability to express yourself. Our reconstructive surgeons are specialty-trained in medical fields focusing on treatment of facial paralysis, and we are here to help you renew your livelihood with effective results. The director of the Facial Reanimation Center, Dr. Roger Simpson, and our surgical team here at LIPSG have been trained in some of the most prestigious and respected medical institutions in the world, and many have decades of experience in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery procedures. Our goal is to help you fight the effects of facial paralysis with proven techniques that can help you achieve more expressive and functional facial features.

Please contact our facial paralysis treatment and reanimation surgery staff today. We will be happy to schedule a consultation with you and talk over your treatment options.

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