Facial Reanimation Treatment Center Gets Attractive Digital Makeover

Long Island, NY – The Long Island Plastic Surgical Group’s Facial Reanimation Center just received a brand new digital makeover. The new website (https://www.facialreanimationcenter.com) is intended to provide facial paralysis sufferers with a platform where they can learn more about their disorder, and schedule a consultation with esteemed facial reanimation surgeon, Dr. Roger Simpson.

Facial paralysis can affect men, women, and children, and can be caused by a variety of conditions, such as benign tumors, stroke, Bell’s Palsy, infection, and other afflictions. Many times, patients don’t know where to turn when they can no longer control the muscles of their face. Everyday facial expressions become impossible, and debilitating depression can result.

Dr. Simpson, who provides revolutionary techniques like the muscle transfer technique, the neural technique, and the nerve-grafting technique to assist patients affected by facial paralysis, hopes the new website will send a clear message to facial paralysis sufferers: Help for your paralysis is right around the corner.

An Eye-Catching Resource for Facial Paralysis Sufferers

The new website sports an easy-to-navigate menu, attractive graphics, and plenty of information that facial paralysis patients will find informative and helpful for learning more about their condition.

The Facial Reanimation Center website also provides patients with a history of facial paralysis and delves into the various causes. The website even introduces the two doctors. Dr. Simpson works alongside Dr. Laurence Glickman, who serves on the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group’s board of directors.

Most importantly, patients can learn all about the various treatment options available to them when they choose the Facial Reanimation Center. In addition to muscle transfer, nerve grafting, and neural techniques, Dr. Simpson also specializes in eyelid surgery to support the lower eyelid and restore downward motion to the upper eyelid, and a number of cosmetic procedures like Botox®, Brow Lift, Face Lift and Eyelid Lift.

Dr. Simpson urges facial paralysis sufferers to visit the new website to determine if they are a good candidate for surgery. He also encourages patients to read the blog, which will be updated regularly with engaging content, and to use the several methods available to inquire more or schedule an appointment.

“I’m really excited about the new website, which was provided by SEO firm Millionairium, and I hope it provides answers to those seeking information on facial paralysis and treatment options,” Dr. Simpson said.

To view the new website and to learn more about the services provided by LIPSG’s Facial Reanimation Center website, visit https://www.facialreanimationcenter.com.

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